Why choose Indy Airport Taxi
instead of Uber?

We are professional
...is Uber?

Hitchhiking with a smartphone?

Would you tell your children, family, and friends to hitchhike with strangers? Would you tell them that they never know what can happen, or who might pick them up? Is the “chance” they may pay a little less for the ride, worth the risk?

How does that advice change when the only real difference is using a phone instead of a thumb?

Anyone can sign up to be an Uber “driver” with nothing more than a car, a license and some basic, minimal of insurance. No safety inspections, no requirement for adequate insurance to protect their passengers, no maintenance requirements, no criminal background checks.

Indy Airport Taxi carefully screens all its drivers. There is an identification certificate in every taxi to make sure the person behind the wheel is qualified.
Indy Airport Taxi has commercial passenger insurance, with coverage to protect you in case of an accident.
Indy Airport Taxi cars are constantly inspected for safety and reliability.
Indy Airport Taxi rates are fixed and posted. There are no surprises when the credit card bill arrives weeks later.

The next time someone you care suggests for an unlicensed, uninspected, under-insured stranger to give them a ride, tell them to call Indy Airport Taxi and ride in safety and comfort.

  • Professional Service
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Reliable Drivers
  • Background Checked Drivers
  • Commercially Insured
  • Regular Safety Inspections
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